humedica Lanka is the daughter organization of humedica International, based in Germany. Registered as a Non-Government Organization, its aim is to support Sri-Lankan people in need with directed and sustainable aid.

Based in Colombo and Jaffna, the different aid projects range from disaster relief after floods and landslides to longterm support such as Learning Centers, a Preschool and Mobile Clincs.

Mission Statement

We are an international community of professional and voluntary staff, donors and sponsors, who offer their means, abilities and gifts to serve people who are in need due to (natural or man-made) disasters or due to living conditions below poverty line.

We understand ourselves as mediator between those who are in need on the one hand and people and institutions willing to help on the other. Hence, we turn attention to situations of human misery, mobilize resources and render effective and efficient aid.

The humedica Lanka team around CEO Dr. Prithiviraj (back row, second from right) is based in offices in Colombo and Jaffna. Photo: humedica Lanka

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