Our core values

As a non-governmental organization, humedica Lanka pursues certain core values within its work, which shape our nationwide aid for people in need:

  1. We are a Christian organization but we are interdenominational, multi-religious, multi-racial, non-political and non-discriminatory in our approach to assist people in need.
  2. We value people.
  3. We consider authenticity in terms of actions and communication as particularly valuable.
  4. Volunteer services are seen as an essential asset of our ministry.
  5. We regard our courage and spontaneity for rapid aid as an indispensable value.
  6. We want to appropriately respond to the basic needs of people in emergency situations and still carry on to consider also the special needs of the individual.
  7. The “Code of Conduct of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and Non-governmental Organisations at disasters” forms the normative foundation of all our humanitarian actions.
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