Donation from abroad

10 easy steps to your donation!

Use Xoom in connection with PayPal to easily donate money from abroad.
1) Click here: Xoom-Donation

2) Set your donation amount (below you will see the fees)

3) “Continue” and choose “Bank Deposit”

4) Continue with “log in”

5) Fill in humedica Lanka´s bank account::
      Hatton National Bank PLC
      Acct: 009010180216

6) Fill in “Recipient” details: (see picture below)
      humedica Lanka
      No. 46 Prathibimbarama Road
      Dehiwala, Colombo

7) Fill in your details

8) Choose payment information

9) “Continue to Review”

10) In the last step you can check everything and click: “Authorize payment”

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