A future and a Hope through Education: The Humedica Grow center in Hatton (Norton Bridge)

Our Humedica Lanka Grow center is in a small village called Bumbarakella its 25 km away from the town of Hatton. It’s in a very remote place, but we started this “Grow center” to help the poor community there. We have 30 children who are studying in this center. The classes begin from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm. We also started a Grow center at the Ganapathy TMV School. There are about 40 children who are studying from 2:30 to 4:00 pm. We would like to have these classes until 5 pm but are unable to do so due to a transport problem. There are many villages around us who do not have transport and therefore everyone has to go on foot. It has been a very difficult path but we have done our best to achieve the results we now see.

We have about 50 children who come regularly for the past three months and have worked hard. They now are able to read, write, and memorize many English words. We are so proud to announce that these students are doing well in school and are responsible in what is expected of them. The children have worked hard in these three months to learn 350 to 400 English words and now they are able to understand their lesson much better because of the increase in their vocabulary.

Kids involved in extra curricular activities. Photo: Humedica Lanka

We have about 70 kids who are slow learners attending our Grow center. About 60 kids cannot read or write. Therefore we decided to concentrate on equipping these kids to do well in their languages so that they will understand how to read and write so that it will be easy for them to complete their assignments.

Besides reading and writing we also teach the children how to maintain a green house. Photo: Humedica Lanka

We care for the children in a holistic manner. Therefore we provide a balanced nutrition diet every afternoon. Our desire and goal is to help these children grow in every aspect of their lives so that they learn to become good and healthy citizens of this country. The region around Hatton is known for poor nutritional status among children.

Children enjoying a balanced meal together. Photo: Humedica Lanka

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