Project Stories:

Bringing awareness and raising funds

To go out and bring awareness to Sri Lankans of what humedica Lanka is busy doing and at the same time getting supporters, friends and volunteers to be able to continue our work for the disadvantaged in our beautiful country was one of our additional activities the last few months.

Last year in December we started at the Cargills Square in Jaffna to present four days the work of humedica Lanka in an Information Booth and we were able to collect donations of 140.000 LKR for a reading club project in the north of Sri Lanka.

Information booth Jaffna Photo: humedica Lanka

At the end of February we had another Information Booth in Moratuwa near Colombo. There we collected donations in order to support our GROW-Centers, one of our education programs for disadvantaged children. On Saturday, February 29th over 50.000 LKR was raised at the K-Zone Katubedda.

Many stopped to show solidarity by donating in cash, listening to what we do and volunteering with us. Education is one of our reason to fundraise. Our desire is to help the poor children in villages receive an equal platform to have life skills and get an education that will help them to move forward and grow as normal kids knowing how to make right decisions in life.

Information booth Colombo Photo: humedica Lanka

What the donations have made possible:
Jaffna: From 7th to 8th March, four teachers from six primary schools in rural areas were trained in practical reading exercises and the use of reading books in a workshop. With the donation of four books per grade level for each school (a total amount of 96 reading books for six schools), the teachers are now starting reading clubs in which the children discover the joy of reading and are enabled to become more independent.

Colombo: It costs us 3.000 LKR per month per child to be a part of the holistic Education Program in our GROW-Centers, which includes tutoring, skill-training, nutrition and health. The donations from Moratuwa enable 17 children to participate in this educational program for one month – or more than 1 child for a whole year.

Thank you:
Our special thanks to the director and staff of the Cargills Square in Jaffna and K-Zone Katubedda for their support towards this fundraising event. We look forward to many more events like these where we as Sri Lankans can join together to make a difference in this country.

We humedica Lanka would like to thank everyone who has contributed a donation, signed in the list of being a volunteer or who has subscribed to our newsletter. It’s a pleasure to know that so many people value us and show interest in our work.

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