Easter bomb attack in April 2019

Humedica Lanka first goal is to be ready for every kind of disaster in Sri Lanka.
Providing help, support, health treatments and necessary assets or food.

Here is a short story from one of the families where humedica Lanka assisted through our disaster relief wing.
As most of you know Sri Lanka was devastated by the Easter bomb attack in April 2019. This caused many families pain and heartache. No media or forum can actually capture the pain the families of the victims went through. There are many who are struggling to come to terms with the loss of their family members.

“I had four members in my family but unfortunately my wife and I were the only survivors from the bomb blast. But we are also still recovering both mentally and physically. Our hope was that we could get a relief from the government as I cannot work for few months. But, we didn’t get that help. The machinery humedica Lanka provided was a great relief for us and we are very much thankful to them for their support in helping affected people like us.”

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