Fact Finding Adventurous field Trip to Norton Bridge Hatton

30th of March 2017 was a new beginning for humedica Lanka team. humedica Lanka Staff team (Country Director Dr. Prithiviraj, Mr. Mano Thomas, Mr. Nallasingam, Mr. Ragu and Vimal) together with the Founder and Executive Director Wolfgang Gross and German humedica Staff members Mr. Johaness and Ms. Lina travelled together on a fact finding exiting tour to explore opportunities and options to begin humedica Lanka Operational Base in the needy upcountry region.

The humedica staff from Sri Lanka and Germany visiting Hutton. Photo: humedica

A facility was offered to humedica Lanka by Homsa Sri Lanka to be used for the benefit of needy children in upcountry region. The Homsa Country Director Mr. Sam Thevabalasingam accompanied us during this important Trip. We left Colombo at 5.00am in the morning.

Our team visited the facility to inspect and to make decisions about future usage of this facilities and we also visited the poor communities who are working in the estate lines.

The facility offered to humedica Lanka. Photo: humedica

Our immediate decision was to do more research on the educational needs of the children of the area. We met a couple who have agreed to collect information about these needs.

We returned to Colombo after a tiring but an adventurous day.

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