Flood Relief-Batticaloa on 23rd of December 2019

The Batticaloa district there are about 30.156 people living. About 7038 families were effected in Muruththanai Theevu and Karaveddiyaaru which are small villages in this division. We found 267 families living in these neglected village that was separated by a small river. All the people have to travel by boat, heavy vehicle or any kind of transport they can find to get from one side to the other. Their livelihood is hunting, collecting honey, or doing labor work such as working in a paddy field, corn plantation or collecting fire wood from the jungle. Being a rural village we noticed that they do not have much contact with the city people.

There are many small villages such as these which are 35 to 40 km deep in. The rain causes a lot of chaos and disaster. Roads are closed due to floods and many are found trapped in their homes with no way to have their basic needs met.

humedica Lanka staff together with a few volunteers from nearby villages got into a boat and rushed to help these villages who needed urgent help. The disaster management office joined our staff in distributing food and nonfood packs bringing relief to 340 families struck by disaster.
Poverty is no stranger to most people living in these poor villages and our desire is to help them as much as we can. Come volunteer with us in this journey of changing lives to build Sri Lanka and make it a better place for you and for me.

Distributing food items Photo: humedica Lanka

Walking to the villages. Photo: humedica Lanka

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