Flood Relief Kaduwela and Rathnapura

The Monsoon flood situation has become a normal practice for the people of Rathnapura especially in the disaster prone Elapatha division. We have come to understand that there are many reasons for this flooding that happens. One wonders if such disasters can ever find a solution. Humedica Lanka once again rose to the occasion and urgently found a way to help these families who were once again left helpless.
100 hygiene packs for 100 families were given. We chose two places in the Rathnapura district. Our main objective in distributing these hygiene packs were to maintain good sanitation even in such situation. We also were able to conduct an awareness program on "hand washing" to empower many families that were present with knowledge and skills. As a follow up the project team is engaging the divisional secretariat officials to organize sensitization interactive sessions with the beneficiaries and the affected communities at large to prepare them for future flooding in the region.

This task was a great success and we are thankful to the Divisional Secretary and all other Government officials who helped making this event a great success. After all Humedica Lanka's mission is to prepare, respond, and reduce risks associated with natural and man made disasters.

This is one of the houses which the floods destroyed. Photo: Humedica Lanka

Humedica Lanka explaining about the hygiene kits and explaining on good personal hygiene practices. Photo: Humedica Lanka

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