Project Stories:

Education for Women in neglected Areas

The road to Ayagama was rugged windy and difficult. Yet in this village far far away lives a group of people who have won the right to be heard. They are poor and needy but hardworking and determined to move forward.

In Ayagama is one of four Sewing-Centers in Sri Lanka - a fifth in Ratnapura is in planning.

humedica Lanka opened a sewing class for 23 women from 21 divisions in this poor village. Most women had never touched a sewing machine and never knew the art of making clothes. But today they can make a living out of what they have learned and making a small profit so that they are able to pay their own bills. This encourages us to do more and more for such groups who really can do with a little bit of extra help.

Get a small insight through the following report of a volunteer.

the Ayagama Sewing Class - humedica Lanka


When you think of sewing training, the first thing you certainly think of is a sewing machine and lots of practical training.
But the basis of everything is an understanding of what is to be created in the end.
- Which product should be created?
- What dimensions should it have?
- From which material?
- What special characteristics should it have?
- For whom is it created?

The answers of these questions are used to create a sketch with exact measurements and cutting patterns.
This is exactly what the women learn and each sketch is drawn into a training booklet which they can use to train at home.

booklet - humedica Lanka

Afterwards it goes to the PRACTICAL TRAINING.
But not only with the sewing machine. Much more important is the manual work.
Measuring, cutting, pegging, sewing and embroidery work by hand.
And then finally the women are allowed to use the machines.

As there are only two machines, but 23 women, there is always a change, the women help each other, the end of the sewing is prepared and one learns from the next.

Through this intensive cooperation a close community is created, which supports each other, exchanges personal experiences, stands up for each other and makes plans for the future.

The SEWING RESULTS are either worn directly by yourself (like the red dresses in the pictures) or hung up.
Of course the trainers and the project coordinator of humedica Lanka take a close look.
Because the quality must be good. Mistakes are addressed, suggestions for improvement are given and helpful tricks are shown.

self-produced clothing - humedica Lanka

In the end, one is simply impressed.
Impressed by what you can learn in two months with two sessions a week and what has come out of the sewing training.
A close community that has a hope and perspective for the future.
Together the women are now looking for a job and start their own business.

In my half year as a volunteer I was allowed to be a part of many projects of humedica Lanka. The insight into the concept of the Sewing Center and the implementation in Ayagama has a lasting impression to me.

A new Sewing Center is to be built in Ratnapura. For this we are dependent on donations to buy the necessary machines and to pay for the material and the teacher.

The whole team of humedica Lanka and I are happy about your support.

Volunteer for Communication and Fundraising

Sewing Center Ayagama - we can use the building free of charge - humedica Lanka

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