Hatton School bag distribution

As part of the Grow Center initiative in Hatton, Humedica Lanka in partnership with the Zonal Director for Hatton and other relevant Government officials, distributed school bags and other essential items to the children who successfully completed their grade five exams. Majority of these children originate from the disadvantaged tea plantation sector in Hatton.

Humedica Lanka is committed to strengthening the “Triangular concept” of the Child – Teacher – Parent (Guardian) model in disadvantaged communities.

Humedica Lanka also recognized and saluted all the teachers from these respective schools who played a major role in teaching these children to succeed in this National exam.

Well done children,Teachers and Parents.

Humedica Lanka Grow Center field coordinator – Anushya and her husband Mr. David did a wonderful job in net working, planning, organizing and executing with support from the Project Coordinator Mr. Nallasingam


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