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It is easy to build strong children than to repair broken men. - Frederick Douglass

humedica Lanka believes in training a child early in his life so that he can be protected and rescued from unwanted trauma, personal tragedies, and disaster. Life skills are an important factor for children in any family, society, or ethnic group. Children need clear boundaries to grow Mentally, Physically, Socially, and Emotionally. These clearly laid boundaries will also affirm the uniqueness of a child. One could even call it and ongoing liberating therapy for a child. These children will learn the art and skills of becoming responsible citizens of our country at a very young age.

Teaching the skill of Karate. Photo: humedica Lanka

Teaching how to make birthday cards. Photo: humedica Lanka

Our GROW Centres are equipped with teachers and staff who are committed to career focused, skills based holistic development of a child. Our government officials’ Social services and other interested personal do see the importance of these skills and fully support us with our programs.

Interacting with the children. Photo: humedica Lanka

Teaching life skills to the children. Photo: humedica Lanka

Displaying the art work they did in class. Photo: humedica Lanka

We like to encourage you to join us as volunteers and make a difference in the life of a child. After all, today’s child has the potential of becoming tomorrow’s leader. Give your time, money, and skills. Make Sri Lanka a better place so that our children can grow healthier, happier, and more fulfilled in their lives giving out positive messages to the generations to come.

"Teaching children is an ACCOMPLISHMENT; Getting children excited about learning is an ACHIEVEMENT" - Robert John Meehan

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