Our Grow Center on the Beautiful Island of Delft

Humedica Lanka identifies yet another need in the beautiful Island of Delft where historical stories are buried and much challenges lies beneath the surface. Our goal is to empower the children and support them through education and life skills so that they will have the confidence to go as far as they would want to.

The Island of Delft is a place of Sri Lankan history, its beauty lies in all the stories it says about every Palmarah tree and rock that stands there. It is also a place of challenge and hard work. Delft is becoming a tourist attraction to many local and foreign visitors. In 2018, Humedica Lanka decided to open a center for the children of Delft so that they can have a fair chance to access, balanced and holistic education which will equip them with skills and knowledge to face and manage their life in the future as well. We have observed that due to economical constrains and “being in the Island”, many children do not get an equal opportunity to go to good schools in the mainland to have access to good education.

Currently, we have around 70 to 75 children attending this Grow Center. These children come from two different disadvantaged schools while around 30 to 35 kids have to walk for about 6 to 7 km to attend our center. Humedica Lanka is assisting them temporarily through hired transport arrangement to attend these classes. Currently we are also holding talks with the local transport authorities to bring about a permanent solution for these children.

The other challenge we face is the lack of facilities for drinking water. Humedica Lanka is providing a water tank for these children who are going to be safe and clean.

The zonal head Mrs. Saratha visits our center to encourage our Centre coordinator -Mrs. Jeevatharsana and the children and she has been a great support to Humedica Lanka in Delft. Our coordinator tries to work alongside the parents and some of the teachers to create and maintain this environment of positive learning. Our Ambulance boat Captain and his two assistants are supporting her in her work.

The kids displaying the craft items done by themselves in our Grow Center. Photo: Humedica Lanka

Our coordinator Mrs. Jeevatharsana uses crafts and games to connect with the children. Exams will be held to assess the children in their levels of improvement. She also encourages them to finish their homework. A holiday camp will be held during the 2nd term school holiday in August for all our kids in the Island of Delft.

Mrs. Jeevatharsana in class with her students. Photo: Humedica Lanka

Our Grow center didn’t have an English teacher but now we do have a trainee teacher to teach Basic English. There is a great need to teach English to the children at the Primary & Secondary level in the Islands of North. Volunteers are welcome to work with us in meeting this critical need.

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