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“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn” - Ignacio Estrada

Januja age 12 is studying in grade 07 at a Government school in Hatton. She has two sister and a dad who works for the Tea estate as Tea pluckers. This beautiful little girl lives about 2 km away from our GROW Centre and has been coming faithfully for the past one year. Our team noticed that she was struggling with her studies and thought it is wise to put her in with the slow learners so that we can give more attention to her.

Januja and team mates Photo: humedica Lanka

During the Covid 19 pandemic the teachers of humedica Lanka were able to spend much time helping her with various subjects and homework. We also set question papers to assess if she had understood all she studies. She is improving slowly for which we are excited. She does well in life skills and very creative. We are proud of such children who do not give up but continue to work hard and win against all obstacles. In our experience we have seen many children neglected in very poor homes. Both parents must go to work to be able to sustain the family. As a result of this, work becomes a priority while the family have no choice but to take a back seat.

The village where Januja live. Photo: humedica Lanka

the home where Januja live. Photo: humedica Lanka

humedica Lanka considers it as a priority, urgent and important to make sure that children of this nature who are faced with such a crisis in the family will get an equal opportunity to do well in their studies and grow to be a responsible citizen of Sri Lanka. Therefore, we strive to move forward and help as we are a center that is well equipped to address such issues with well experienced staff who show love care and empathy to such children. These children are the wealth of this country and we are committed to invest in the lives of these jewels that pass through our centers.

humedica Lanka is thankful to the District/Divisional secretaries and Zonal education officials and other concerned partners who have shown a great amount of support for us to carry on this work among children and their parents.

Investing in the life of one child by giving him/her the opportunity to learn in a safe and motivated environment will change the future of his/her destiny and change this country and the world.

“Teach the children… so it will not be necessary to teach the adults” Abraham Lincoln. Photo: humedica Lanka

Will you partner with us (humedica Lanka) in investing in the life of a child in kind, in cash, and in volunteering. LKR.3000 (US$ 17) per child per month will be utilized for an after-school program which will include Education, Life skills recreational activities, nutritious meal, and educational tours.

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