The story of a little boy named Yasas

Yasas is a 12 year old student and attends the Humedica Lanka Grow center in Hatton. He was born with many complications and has been in and out of hospital. He had to undergo two major operations within the first years of his life. The doctor said that there was a very little chance that he can live and decided to remove all the medical equipment as it was not helping him anymore. On hearing this news his father could not bear it and just walked away leaving the mother alone with the child. A few days later his mother got so disturbed about all this news that she had a nervous breakdown and had to be admitted to the mental hospital for awhile. This little boy was taken care of by his eldest sister and he thought she was his mother and began to call her mom.

Since Yasas came to the Humedica Lanka Grow center his life has changed a lot. Photo: Humedica Lanka

As the years went by he was admitted to school but didn’t do well at all in studies. He didn’t understand any subject and therefore always scored 0 points in his exams. The Humedica Lanka Grow center held a ten day holiday camp and was able to use the play therapy techniques and play a lot of games. We had a lot of fun with all the children.

Play therapy techniques helped us to connect with the children. Photo: Humedica Lanka

Even though Yasas joined us he still was reserved. But as time went by he began to interact with others and build friendships among the children. He participated in all activities and was happy.

Recently he attended the monthly clinic and the doctor told him that he does not need to attend the clinic any more, and also that he does not need the injections anymore. Yasas is doing well in his studies. We are proud to announce that he is one of the best students in his class. He got 99 marks in the Tamil language even though he comes from the Sinhalese race. His mother who is doing better now shared his story in our parent teacher meeting.

The Humedica Lanka Hatton staff together with the school Principal and the children. Photo: Humedica Lanka

Humedica Lanka is committed to helping children in the rural villages. Our desire is to see many more children rise up beyond the many challenges they face. They need a future and a hope. Your contributions help us to take them to greater heights. Thank you for your support and investment in their lives because it means a lot to them and to us.

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