Thunnala, the school adopted by Humedica Lanka

Humedica Lanka is committed to reach and develop the poor and vulnerable children of Sri Lanka. It may seem hard to understand but we do have communities that are under privileged and discriminated due to challenges posed by the caste systems that exist within communities. We identified a primary school “Thunnala” which needs support to improve its education to the needy children. But it has been a challenge to find teachers who would go to these places as there are not many facilities offered in these schools.

Humedica Lanka is partnering with this school with the permission from the department of education to help raise the standards of education as they prepare the children for their grade five scholarship exam so that they could move to grade six. In the past the performance of the grade five students were very poor. This prevented the children from getting into good secondary schools. We believe that this timely support will help the children move forward with confidence.

We also run a nutrition program to improve the nutritional status of these children. In this program we also teach hand washing and give other health education information. Photo: Humedica Lanka

The staff of Humedica Lanka visits this school on a daily basis to teach the children to succeed in their exams as well as to engage in recreational and life skills activities. We encourage teachers to engage with children at all times. Humedica Lanka provides a platform for teachers and pupils to interact with one another.

Humedica Lanka staff engaging the children in recreational activities. Photo: Humedica Lanka

During the school vacation we run holiday camps and exposure field trips. It gives us satisfaction to see these kids find their dignity and identity having equal opportunities to grow as healthy kids in a safe environment.

The children were taken to the beach and they were able to have a lot of fun. They all got onto this fishing boat for a picture. Photo: Humedica Lanka

Our sports day was a great success. We were thrilled to see parents participate which was a great encouragement for the children. Photo: Humedica Lanka

Thunnala is a poor village that needs a lot of attention. Many kids stay at home because there is no preschool anywhere in this village. The parents of these children are manual labourers and therefore often not available at home. Some of the parents are involved in illegal sale of sand distribution. There are instances where the kids are expected to be of help in these illegal businesses. Humedica Lanka is making future plans to start a preschool for the kids living there. We are in consultation with the department of education to explore the possibilities of starting a preschool in the rural village of Aaddupatty so that these children passing through the preschool can be admitted into the primary school which we have already adopted.

One of the most exciting tours for them was to see the train. There will be many more trips such as these. Photo: Humedica Lanka

Humedica Lanka is honoured to walk alongside these children encouraging, listening, caring, comforting, and teaching them to live good lives and keep moving on in their education.

If you would like to volunteer or be a part of our work in anyway please contact us we would like to hear from you and understand your passion to support the needs of the children around the world.

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