Project Stories:

Tsunami Drill for Children in Jaffna

humedicaLanka team held a training on the 5th of March for 50 GROW-Center children and 20 sewing center women. They were asked to act and imagine as if it was a real disaster that happened. How to decide on what is urgent and important, how to evacuate and how to treat patients were some of those they were taught. This training is in line with our life skills program which we do to equip the children and give them confidence to know how to move forward in times of difficulty and to share this knowledge and help others in need.

We are glad that the Sri Lankan Red Cross, St. Johnes Ambulance, Disaster Management Center Jaffna District, Divisional Secretary Office Point Pedro, Navy, Army,Police, Firebrigade and Emergency Vehicles from the government Hospital were involved in this training.

The disaster management center officer from the Jaffna said that the GROW-Center children did a good job and acted like real victims. He was thankful for the support of humdica Lanka.

Tsunami drill with children from Jaffna Photo: humedica Lanka

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