Visit to the GROW Center of Uswetakeiyawa

The broad happy and energetic smiles of the children in Uswetakeiyawa reminds us that the GROW Center Humedica Lanka opened in their village is well worth it.

It was a joy to visit the children of Uswetakeiyawa. Their happiness and broad smiles keep us motivated and gives us assurance that we are doing the right thing. It’s a poor fishing village along the western coastal line of Sri Lanka. The livelihood of their parents is through fishing. A majority of these children do not get opportunities to receive additional help to improve their education.

We were happy to see the progress of our 17 kids. They were delighted to wear the Humedica Lanka t-shirts which were presented to them. Photo: Humedica Lanka

Humedica Lanka decided to run a GROW Center in this needy area to equip children helping them to do well in their school setting and to gain knowledge and skills to face the demands and challenges of life in general. These children are taught practical English. Parents too are included in this program. Most of the parents highly appreciate Humedica Lanka for their kind services.

The parents who attended were thankful to Humedica Lanka for helping their kids get a good education. Photo: Humedica Lanka

We were able to distribute Humedica Lanka T-shirts to all 17 students. We were honored to have Ms. Rebecca Groß visit us from our head office in Germany.

Presentation of the Humedica Lanka t-shirts by Rebecca Groß. Photo: Humedica Lanka

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